Novellas and novels are quick and easy, and for me, only take a few days to get through. Sometimes I read so quickly I lose track, or I get to the last page before I’ve fully appreciated the nuances of the story, writing, characters. Being the slutty reader I am, if a book is under […]

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Pixel Picks. II

Pixel Picks – weekly links from around the web: interviews, articles, essays, poetry, fiction and non. Enjoy. Introverts in an extrovert world: Although I am an extrovert myself, I love being alone. So I can appreciate this article from The Atlantic muses over the agony of being an introvert writer who is expected to attend parties, […]

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Pixel Picks. I

As well as reading pages and pages of books, I also read a huge amount online – interviews, articles, essays, poetry, fiction and non. Unlike books, I have no way of tracking and reflecting on these, until now. Weekly I will be posting my pixel picks – links from around the web; sometimes it will […]

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