The Silent Realms

Wakefulness, darkness that comes with the inability to sleep, “the silent realms” (as Virginia Woolf calls it). Insomnia. A romp through literature, culture, and her own bed, Marina Benjamin’s memoir Insomnia found me in the deep hours of the night, plagued by the pursuit of sleep. Not chronic insomnia, that awful mistress that so many suffer from, […]

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Everything under ‘Everything Under’

(from a conversation with students) New Kanye. Ye. Not ye, as in ‘come all ye faithful’, but Ye as in Kanye. Kan-yay. But Yeezy. It’s pronounced Yee-zee, not Yay-zee they said. Yes, but that’s with the extra ‘e’. And since when has Kanye cared about phonetics? He rhymes live with serious, them with apartment, and cousins with dumb. Kanye even […]

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The world is quiet here, in this wee corner of the internet, but not because I’ve stopped writing. Sometimes a blog feels like shouting into the void, especially because platforms such as wordpress or blogger don’t cultivate a sense of community as places like instagram or twitter do. So although I love my blog, I […]

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Ben Okri – The Age of Magic

It is hard to find the words to express how I felt while reading this book. I read it while I was sick, and the line, “one of the benefits of illness: giving people time to catch up with themselves, to arrive at where they are in life’s fast-moving story” really struck me; reminding me […]

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Ali Smith’s The Accidental

I first picked up this book when I was fifteen and quickly discarded it. Five years later I had nothing to read, so I opened it once again, and found myself putting it down a few hours later, this book had my head spinning. I loved how Smith guided the reader throughout the text by […]

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