Book Club Slut: The Vegetarian

Moving to a new city (country! continent!) means you leave everything behind and have to begin again. It’s not just the the places and spaces that are new, but new people, routines, habits, traditions. And new book clubs. It’s no secret that I love books clubs – I am a self confessed book club slut. […]

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Confessions of a book club slut

Turns out one book club was not enough for me, so now I belong to two. The first is primarily English teachers, the second is primarily scientists. The people are different, with different jobs, interests, relationships. The mood of the room is different, as is the selection of books. One book club reads widely – […]

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Teenagers: Donut Club. VI

Lockers, chewing gum, headphones, tumblr, angst: teenagers. I still feel like a teenager most of the time, and most think I am still one, so this month’s teen-aged theme was easy (for me). – R’s first pick was Jennifer Donnelly’s A Gathering Light, a fictionalized account of a historical crime. As some books do, reading it makes you […]

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Women Writers: Donut Club. V

Women writers was the brief. Of course I wanted to just take The Secret History, but a book club riddled with classics, literature, and art scholars needs no converting. And as I already gushed over it when we were asked to bring our favourite book, I feel like taking the same book to more than one evening […]

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Non-fiction. Donut Club. IV

Trouble always befalls me when I am trying to choose a book (or ten) to take to book club. First world problems at its finest. This month’s theme was non-fiction; I had the world to choose from, but I had to choose just one. Or two. Thankfully there were only four that night, so we […]

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