Killing Commendatore

A new Murakami is a strange and wonderful thing. A tome, destined to be read by millions and perfectly formed as a material object – bound in circles, that seemingly constant shape that seems to run throughout his work, and echoed across dust covers and paperbacks alike. How does one begin when writing about the […]

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Murakami Monday: His Musical World

Murakami was written to be listened to. I don’t mean in audiobook form, but in soundtrack form. Like cats, cooking, unexpected phone calls, or ears, music is something mentioned in almost every novel. Sometimes, every few pages, I find myself googleing a song and listening to it. So much is lost without this auditory experience. […]

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Murakami Monday: Memoranda

Something a Murakami character would play in his lonely Tokyo apartment, sipping Cutty Sark, with a strange cat asleep at his feet: a video game inspired by the Murakami’s magical realism. An independent Canadian studio BitByterz have created a game inspired by the stories of Haruki Murakami himself. The game unites magical realism and point-and-click Memoranda tells the story […]

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Murakami Monday: Haruki Haiku

Last week I missed Murakami Monday, having been on holiday my mind was off thinking about things other than routine. Back into the swing of things now, I will keep in theme(ish) with my A Series of Unfortunate Sonnets. But I won’t be writing a sonnet, instead for this Murakami Monday I have written a few […]

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