Teenagers: Donut Club. VI

Lockers, chewing gum, headphones, tumblr, angst: teenagers. I still feel like a teenager most of the time, and most think I am still one, so this month’s teen-aged theme was easy (for me). – R’s first pick was Jennifer Donnelly’s A Gathering Light, a fictionalized account of a historical crime. As some books do, reading it makes you […]

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Women Writers: Donut Club. V

Women writers was the brief. Of course I wanted to just take The Secret History, but a book club riddled with classics, literature, and art scholars needs no converting. And as I already gushed over it when we were asked to bring our favourite book, I feel like taking the same book to more than one evening […]

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Non-fiction. Donut Club. IV

Trouble always befalls me when I am trying to choose a book (or ten) to take to book club. First world problems at its finest. This month’s theme was non-fiction; I had the world to choose from, but I had to choose just one. Or two. Thankfully there were only four that night, so we […]

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