Pixel Picks. XV

Pixel Picks – weekly(ish) links from around the web: interviews, articles, essays, poetry, fiction and non.

This week brings reading locations, musings on creativity, a sassy writer, english teachers, and a new lit mag. Oh and, A Series of Unfortunate Events. 


Where do you read? Lit Hub never fails to have excellent literary essays – this one is on the various places one reads. I read in museums, coffee shops, nests of pillows, and (of course) libraries.

Born or Made: via Brain Pickings, the brilliant Jack Keroac’s essay exploring where creativity comes from.

The Girl who Reads: it is my dream to (one day) be interviewed by the wonderful women of Girls at Library (GAL) and to be photographed in my bookish haven. But for now, I will be satisfied with their recent interview with the sassy Caroline Calloway (who also lives in Cambridge!).

The Inspiring English Teacher: media is littered with inspiring English teachers, and as an English teacher myself, this article gives me hope in the darkness (caused by endless paperwork and frustrations with the education system). If an English teacher changed your life (or any teacher), hunt them down and tell them – you have no idea the power you words will have.

Middle Brow: Eye Level Mag is an excellent new lit publication that is not too high-brow, not too low-brow, but just right. Check it.

A Series of Fortunate Events: you will all know that the new Netflix series is out (and perfectly true to the books!), not so coincidentally, my post on the literary references in the series has become very popular. Go read if you haven’t already.

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