Hermerva McGranger

Tumblr is instant film. WordPress is chemical dark-room analog film.
Tumblr is starbucks. WordPress is cold drip coffee.
Tumblr is a lightbulb. WordPress is the sun.
Tumblr is a shot. WordPress is hand brewed beer.
Both are perfect for their purpose, but they are different. I like using them both, they inspire and enrich one another.

I have been quite quiet of late on this blog because, like a queen teen, I am spending a lot of time over on tumblr instead. I love the visual aspect that tumblr has, as opposed to wordpress which is heavier on the writing. I mostly reblog on tumblr, creating a teenqueen/mythology/literature/art pastiche. But I do post my own photos and thoughts from to time, and this is one of them.

There is a Harry Potter fan theory making its way through the virtual pipes of the interwebs called Ronbledore. It is essentially the ideas that Ron is a time-travelling Dumbledore who has gone back to assist Harry in his quest to defeat Voldy. If you would like to read more have a gander over here.

My thoughts on Ronbledore: Surely if Dumbledore is actually Ron, then McGonagall is Hermione. Or, if anyone is a time travelling teacher it’s McGonagall.

– Of the three, Hermione is the best at magic, always taking the lead and knowing exactly what spell to use. Thought a twelve year old brewing perfect Polyjuice Potion was a bit far fetched? Turns out she’d done it before
– Hermione seems pretty handy with her timeturner in book three, obviously she was an expert by then
– Hermione knows everything (the excuse “I read it in a book” is just too convenient)
– Hermione is a sucker for the rules. Of course she would be if she was actually Deputy Headmistress
– In book four McGonagall was guarding Barty Crouch Jnr, but was unable to prevent a Dementor from giving Crouch the Dementor’s Kiss. Harry mentions in the last book the Patronus Charm is “the only spell she ever has trouble with”. This suggests that both McGonagall and Hermione find the charm difficult.
– Both are cat people
– Both come from Muggle backgrounds
– Both think Trelawney is an utter fraud
– Both believe Umbridge’s teaching methods are barbaric and medieval
– Both are the most outstanding students in their year
– Both steadfastly believe and support Harry in whatever he does
– After Hogwarts, both went on to work for The Department of Magical Law Enforcement
– Lest we forget, both sat with the sorting hat on their heads as they waited for it to decide between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, ultimately deciding on Gryffindor.

So much yes for Hermerva McGranger


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