Hermerva McGranger

Tumblr is instant film. WordPress is chemical dark-room analog film. Tumblr is starbucks. WordPress is cold drip coffee. Tumblr is a lightbulb. WordPress is the sun. Tumblr is a shot. WordPress is hand brewed beer. Both are perfect for their purpose, but they are different. I like using them both, they inspire and enrich one […]

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Non-fiction. Donut Club. IV

Trouble always befalls me when I am trying to choose a book (or ten) to take to book club. First world problems at its finest. This month’s theme was non-fiction; I had the world to choose from, but I had to choose just one. Or two. Thankfully there were only four that night, so we […]

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Pixel Picks. X

Pixel Picks – weekly(ish) links from around the web: interviews, articles, essays, poetry, fiction and non. More than usual this week including crappy film adaptations made right, tiny books, the scarves of authors, the king of gothic film, and Norway. Enjoy. This has got to be good: One of my favourite series is being adapted into […]

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Murakami Monday: His Musical World

Murakami was written to be listened to. I don’t mean in audiobook form, but in soundtrack form. Like cats, cooking, unexpected phone calls, or ears, music is something mentioned in almost every novel. Sometimes, every few pages, I find myself googleing a song and listening to it. So much is lost without this auditory experience. […]

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White by default

Sometimes authors, like Tolkien, use a vast amount of descriptive language, while a writer like C.S. Lewis is sparse with detail, and more is left up to the. But everyone has the right to their own imagination. A piece of descriptive prose is never going to be envisioned the same by ten different people, or even […]

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Donna Tartt’s Graduation Speech

The author that continues to enchant and fascinate me in everything she does (yet, it is mostly the things I don’t see that are intriguing) is Donna Tartt. The elusive Donna Tartt. But Literary Bennington, the tumblr of Bennington College’s “literary mystique”, has unearthed Tartt’s graduation speech of 1986. Her typewritten words were spoken six years […]

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