Haiku/Review. II

When I finish a book I usually have one of two reactions: 1. I press the book to my forehead and wish I could unread it so I could begin again 2. I throw it on the floor and stomp away I obviously have strong reactions to books but find it hard to put my […]

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The Happy Reader makes me happy

A great little literary magazine, I first stumbled upon The Happy Reader whilst browsing in a cute bookstore-cum-cafe (the world needs more of these). The Happy Reader is a bookish quarterly magazine devoted to all things literary. Able to be read in one sitting, the first half is an interview with some kind of literary […]

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Pixel Picks. VII

Pixel Picks – weekly(ish) links from around the web: interviews, articles, essays, poetry, fiction and non. Enjoy. Better as a Badger: An article from The Atlantic about why Hufflepuff isn’t as bad as everyone thinks Twytter: The Twitter feed of the author who nearly turned me off literature The other side: A little part of me […]

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