Pixel Picks. VII

Pixel Picks – weekly(ish) links from around the web: interviews, articles, essays, poetry, fiction and non.


Better as a Badger: An article from The Atlantic about why Hufflepuff isn’t as bad as everyone thinks

Twytter: The Twitter feed of the author who nearly turned me off literature

The other side: A little part of me has always felt that creative writing can’t be taught. This is an alternative argument

A (more) healthy kind of binge: My holidays are always filled with binge reading. My picks – Harry Potter, Donna Tartt, Murakami, or Nancy Drew

The King of Tumblr: An interview with John Green about the endless drafting and redrafting process

Soap for Writer’s Block: So much yes


2 thoughts on “Pixel Picks. VII

  1. I really enjoy your Pixel picks. Great story about teaching creative writing. I’m almost at the end of a Masters in Creative Writing, and I believe that although you cannot teach someone how to write, what you can teach are the mechanics of writing. For example the nuances of writing in close third point of view and staying in POV throughout, or why you should choose first over third for a specific plot structure. This is stuff even published authors get wrong. The MCW has been invaluable to me. Oh, and not least, because of the discipline it’s given me. What do you think, Laura?


    1. Yes I can imagine the discipline learnt would be invaluable, as would the mechanics. And I can see how being taught creative writing would draw out the talent, or even reign it in. Yet, I pity those who hope a course like yours will give them the innate spark.


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