A Series of Unfortunate Sonnets: The End

Upon my first true reread of the series (I have not reread the entire series all in one go), I endeavor to write A Series of Unfortunate Sonnets: one sonnet written for each book. The sonnets will probably be rubbish (you could even say unfortunate), but nonetheless, it will be an experiment of my creativity. With thirteen chapters + a letter to the editor (explaining how to get the manuscript for each book), within thirteen books + follow up, a fourteen lined sonnet seems like the fitting form to adopt.

The End

The end of The End is oft detested
For there are no answers, no solution
To the obscure questions suggested
What did you expect? A resolution?

Mr. Snicket has done his job truly
An honest account of the children’s woe
He warned us the tale would be gloomy
As they buried their good friend and their foe.

So, to readers who are disappointed
See the ending as it’s supposed to be:
The book within the book is anointed.
Dear reader: in your mind you’ll find the key.

But you’ll find one secret is uncovered:
Elusive Beatrice, Snicket’s beloved.

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