Murakami Monday: Are you in a Murakami novel?

It is no secret that Haruki Murakami uses familiar patterns for readers to get lost in. It is a comfort to pick up a previously unread Murakami novel and find within it’s pages the familiar prose, the cats, the whisky, and the urban ennui.

At times, Murakami’s worlds are in sync with mine, causing me to look up from the words on the page to check that I am in fact not sitting in the dimly lit tiny apartment in Tokyo, with rain hitting the windows. But of course, at other times Murakami’s worlds are completely different.

I know there are a million of these lists lying around the internet. But if you are answering yes to most of these, then you may have an unexpected phone call at any moment:

  1. Libraries are a place of refuge, and if you could, you would spend all of your days in one
  2. You have an unusual name that people always comment on
  3. You drink your coffee black
  4. And your whiskey late at night
  5. You spend a lot of time in jazz bars late at night, pondering the mysteries of the world
  6. An old person has told you secrets about your own life that you didn’t even know you had, causing you to question your existence. You find that after this initial conversation you cannot contact them again, and you are left wondering if they were real at all
  7. You have a cat that is your only companion, but this cat often disappears for long stretches of time.
  8. You have the extraordinary ability to notice the small things about a room and a person – especially their clothing. And you are able to describe this clothing in the most poetic way possible
  9. You have always been a good cook, and you delight in making a simple but delicious meal, washed down with a cold beer
  10. Your perfect morning consists of a swim at the pool, followed by people watching at the train station. If you are having a particularly spontaneous day, you might actually get on a train to somewhere.


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