Book Pilgrimage: Shakespeare and Co.

A “socialist utopia masquerading as a bookstore” is how owner George Whitman used to describe Shakespeare and Company.

Young travelers, aptly named Tumbleweeds can stay at the bookstore for free, in exchange for working at the store for a few hours a day. The only other requirements are that they read a book a day, and write a one page biography and include a photo to leave behind at the end of their stay.

It is a place that I wish to, one day, visit. And sleep between the stacks.

I found these beautiful photos by Molly Dektar from her stay at the French bookstore Shakespeare and Company.












I first saw these photos on Rookie, but more can also be found on Molly’s blog.

3 thoughts on “Book Pilgrimage: Shakespeare and Co.

  1. Oh, do go there if you get a chance! It’s just marvelous. There is one desk (also in one of your photos) which faces Notre Dame across the river. And there is a piano there which may be played. And it’s open until like eleven p.m. It really is a home away from home…
    And you get a stamp into the books you buy there, if you want!


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