Pixel Picks. II

Pixel Picks – weekly links from around the web: interviews, articles, essays, poetry, fiction and non.


Introverts in an extrovert world: Although I am an extrovert myself, I love being alone. So I can appreciate this article from The Atlantic muses over the agony of being an introvert writer who is expected to attend parties, signings, and readings. Eek!

Visiting Vermeer: I remember reading The Girl With the Pearl Earring when I was a teenager, it opened the world of art and beauty to me that I had never truly encountered. Robert Anthony Siegel’s article in The Paris Review recounts his first viewing of Vermeer’s paintings in real life.

The perfect Professor: Laura Moncion writes a great piece for The Toast about the university experience if Julian Norwich was your Professor

Beyond the Bird: Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch is so much more than The Goldfinch. I wrote an article for The Millions about all the other art that appears in the novel.

Mockingjay Press: Nostalgic and witty, these beautiful redesigns of The Hunger Games as 1960’s Puffin Books are just perfect.

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