Pixel Picks. I

As well as reading pages and pages of books, I also read a huge amount online – interviews, articles, essays, poetry, fiction and non. Unlike books, I have no way of tracking and reflecting on these, until now. Weekly I will be posting my pixel picks – links from around the web; sometimes it will be a piece that I will mull over for hours, other times it is a silly list that made me laugh for a moment.


On the wave of rereading The Goldfinch: The New Inquiry interviewed researcher and author Noah Charney on his new book The Art of Forgery, a book about the world of art crimes.

For when my eyes are sore: I recently stumbled upon Spotify’s Word genre corner – boasting a collection of literary playlists; readings of poetry, short stories, and books. So far my favourite playlists are A Hipster’s Guide to Poetry, The Essential Edgar Allen Poe, The Beats, and Women’s Lit.

Post Potter: Flavorwire celebrates J.K. Rowling on her post-Potter career – witty tweets, pseudonyms, and ‘muggle-wisdom’.

Literary Unexpectedness: Lit Hub’s list of books that are unexpected for it’s genre, including a few of my favourites – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and Never Let Me Go.

For a beekeeper anticipating Springtime: Davis McCombs’ poem Dumpster Honey, published in The New Yorker, makes me long for bee season again. This New Zealand winter has gone on long enough.


Image by Aldo Sergio

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