A Series of Unfortunate Sonnets: The Austere Academy

Upon my first true reread of the series (I have not reread the entire series all in one go), I endeavour to write A Series of Unfortunate Sonnets: one sonnet written for each book. The sonnets will probably be rubbish (you could even say unfortunate), but nonetheless, it will be an experiment of my creativity. With thirteen chapters + a letter to the editor (explaining how to get the manuscript for each book), within thirteen books + follow up, a fourteen lined sonnet seems like the fitting form to adopt.

The Austere Academy

A boarding school, alas, it’s not Hogwarts,
The Baudelaire orphans find themselves at.
Sleeping in a shack riddled with all sorts
Of nasties – crabs, mould, maybe a gnat.

In the dim tombstones hallways they make friends
With triplets, but there’s two, not three, sadly.
Luminous paint, sleepless nights, dark descends.
The Quagmire triplets help them gladly.

The two triplets are kidnapped, at the end.
But a clue they leave, finally something!
As they were researching Olaf they penned
The VFD: a hint of which to cling. 

What do these letters mean? Where will it lead?
If they find the answer – will they be freed?

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