Murakami Monday: Haruki Haiku

Last week I missed Murakami Monday, having been on holiday my mind was off thinking about things other than routine. Back into the swing of things now, I will keep in theme(ish) with my A Series of Unfortunate Sonnets. But I won’t be writing a sonnet, instead for this Murakami Monday I have written a few haikus about his work.

And thank goodness because haiku’s are so much easier than sonnets.

Through the grimy glass
Leaves fall. A cat vanishes.
Whisky stings my lip.

My eyes adjust, light
Hair falls over her soft ear
Memories flood back. 

2 am. Lights flick
Red, green, amber. I wait for
Something. Silence. Sleep.

Illustrations by Harriet Lee-Merrion

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