Smart Tartt

There is no secret to my history that I am obsessed with Donna Tartt. The elusive author, who writes one book a decade, and dresses in perfectly pressed shirts. I stumbled upon this 1992 Vanity Fair interview with Tartt earlier today, as I was obsessively reading, trying to consume it all at once, having to go back […]

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Bookstagram: Subway Book Review

“Book reviews with strangers on the subway” boasts the tagline of Uli Beutter Cohen’s The Subway Book Review. A beautiful instagram and tumblr posing the questions: what are you reading, and why? As simple as these questions are, the results offer insights, witticisms, and a glimpse into the reading lives of New Yorkers. Shot in […]

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Murakami Monday: Haruki Haiku

Last week I missed Murakami Monday, having been on holiday my mind was off thinking about things other than routine. Back into the swing of things now, I will keep in theme(ish) with my A Series of Unfortunate Sonnets. But I won’t be writing a sonnet, instead for this Murakami Monday I have written a few […]

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Literary Starbucks

Oh, I wish I had thought of this idea – so simple, but so awesome: a tumblr that tells you what would happen if famous authors and characters ordered a drink at Starbucks. The brainchild of a few English and History majors, no wonder the Blog Literary Starbucks has a cult following. Coffee and Literature, […]

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