Sick Daze

I am sick. Scratchy throat, pounding head, blocked ears, clogged nose, horrible cough. The works. The only thing to do is stay at home in bed, with my hot water bottle, a cup of tea, and a good book. Of course. So here is my definitive list of books to read while sick. The Silent […]

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Murakami Monday: Colour

Auckland Art Gallery is one of my favourite places. I love it’s quiet halls, the comings-and-goings of strangers, the shifting spaces and worlds. I went there last sunday, and came across this colour projection, which is a continuation of last year’s Light Show. As you walk in front of the colours, they shift and change. […]

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Literary Wardrobe: The Little Friend

As you may have guessed, Donna Tartt is one of my favourite authors. Her second novel The Little Friend seems to always be forgotten – in interviews, in articles, in praise and blurbs. I suppose the cult following of The Secret History drowned out the release of this book, and then the frenzy surrounding The Goldfinch swept it to the side. […]

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Books that made me cry

Spoilers. Obvs. The Fault in our Stars Everytime. Just last month I was re-reading it, and my sister walked upstairs to find me sobbing: “He dies!” I cried. To which she replied, “I know, you’ve told me the last three times. Do you expect the ending to change?” Why yes. Yes I do. The Lover’s […]

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Can Reading Make you Happier?

Winter is here. And with it comes The Winter Blues. Caused by a deficiency of sunlight, the body begins to feel heavy and darkness creeps over the mind. I should spend more time outside, but my go-to remedy is reading. (It seems like reading is my remedy for every ailment.) Ceridwen Dovey’s recent article in […]

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