Literary Wardrobe: How to Build a Girl

“Rock music needs very supportive bras, I note, holding onto my bosoms as I leap up and down, doggedly. This is something the music press had never mentioned. They have so little guidance for girls.”

This is one of the few books that made me laugh out loud. I don’t just mean a smile or a LOL text. I actually laughed. I loud, resounding HA!

And I dare you to read How to Build a Girl without laughing.

This book is so raw, I almost feel as if I am reading Johanna’s diary, or I someone have access to her private, innermost thoughts.

It is a rollicking book that muses masturbation, first sex, good sex, bad sex, awkward sex, and everything in-between. It’s sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll – but in everything but the glamourous sense.

So, when I first saw this hump day tee by Rachel Antonoff, I thought that nothing suits How to Build a Girl better than a good romp on top of the Wednesday.

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