Books that made me cry

Spoilers. Obvs.

The Fault in our Stars
Everytime. Just last month I was re-reading it, and my sister walked upstairs to find me sobbing:
“He dies!” I cried.
To which she replied, “I know, you’ve told me the last three times. Do you expect the ending to change?”
Why yes. Yes I do.

The Lover’s Dictionary
This one really upset me. I had so much hope for them. Just as much as they did. Why couldn’t they read the book they belong in and see?!

Never Let Me Go
They let each other go.

Looking for Alaska
Damn John Green for counting down the days. Damn him for making me excited, to only slap me over the face.

The Road
The hopelessness, the darkness, the promises. Of course I was expecting it. But still.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
I held out through all the other deaths in the first six books. But taking Dobby too? Seriously?

Bright Shiny Morning
Dear James Frey: could you give at least one of the characters a happy ending?

Katniss: Thanks for killing my litter sister Gale. Remember that time I volunteered as tribute to keep her safe?

And this is a drawing of me after I read these books:

Artwork from here.

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