Murakami Monday: The Desk of

Murakami’s beautiful website is host to a number of words, images, and sounds, allowing you to get lost for hours. One of my favourite pages of the site is The Desk of Murakami, a collection of photos and words from the author himself of where the magic happens.

“The paperweight was a gift from Sonny Mehta when I visited the Knopf offices in New York. It’s very handy, and I use it everyday.”

“The objects at the base of my desk lamp were bought during my trips here and there. The wooden foot with a spider is from Laos, the marble stone with a wasp from Scandinavia, and the peanut canister is from…mmm…sorry, forgot. They are like my talismans.”

“I like using pencils—pencil tips always have to be well sharpened, of course. I got them in bulk from a mass sale shop in America. The designs on the pencil glasses are the record sleeves from the Miles Davis albums “Cookin’” and “Relaxin’.” They are gifts from a record shop (for being a very good customer!).”

“The bobblehead figurine is Yasuhiro “Ryan” Ogawa, who is the young ace of the Yakult Swallows baseball team that I support. His nickname “Ryan” alludes to Nolan Ryan, because of the way Yasuhiro lifts his leg when he pitches a ball.”

“There are about 10,000 vinyl records; I haven’t counted the CDs. These records here are mostly jazz. I almost always work listening to music.”

“My everyday-use coffee mug is a souvenir from my trip to Switzerland. I like the simple design, red and eye-catching (easy to find!).”

Photos and quotes found here.

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