Looking for Alaska Young

Just as it was the first one he wrote, the first John Green book I ever read was Looking for Alaska, and I know that his books that followed never quite truly captured the magic that I sensed while reading this one. Amongst the assigned books for school that I traipsed though but never truly felt anything for, […]

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Murakami Monday: My first

Back when I was a young high school kid I was aimlessly wandering around Borders on Queen Street looking for something to read. Although it was not that long ago, this was before the surge of decent young adult literature, so I was in limbo, too old for kid’s books, but too young for adult […]

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Donna Tartt: This Much I Know

Written in Stockholm in 2003, the elusive Donna Tartt wrote an essay for The Guardian. This little piece gives us a rare glimpse into her life; she loves her dogs, was a cheerleader (alas, not the usual type), finds comfort in hotels, and her disposition towards clothing is one that matches mine (“I get very […]

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