Literary Wardrobe: The Fault in our Stars

Hazel Lancaster suffers from Thyroid Cancer with tumors in her lungs. She wheels around an oxygen tank and on the regular, her lungs fill up with water. Hazel is drowning from the inside out.

For the past few years, just like Hazel, “my lungs suck and being lungs”. I don’t have cancer (which I am eternally grateful for), but I have had numerous spontaneous pneumothoraces – my left lung collapses for no reason. In late summer last year I went into the hospital for an operation, they sent me to sleep and glued my lung to the chest wall. For ten days a tube was in my side, allowing pink lemonade liquid to leak out.

Instead of crappy lungs, and lungs full of water, give me lungs that sprout flowers. Let Hazel be a normal teenager that goes to school and can fall in love without worrying she’ll hurt the people around her when she dies.

But this is not a cancer book. It is a book about growing up, about falling in love, about living and about dying. This book is about pain and suffering, and about the beauty that grows from that place. It is a book about being a teenager, and everything that goes with it. And this is what Rachel Antonoff’s fall collection is about – the trials and tribulations of teenagedom. Of periods and ovaries, plaid and knitwear, mono and how you end up with it. And, of floral lungs.

Rachel Antonoff’s 2015 Fall Collection can be found here

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