Lizzy Bennet

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Elizabeth Bennet is one of the most inspiring heroines in literaturWell, I think she is.

Although she does conform to society in the end and marry a wealthy man, just as she ought to, she does not go about it in the traditional way. First published in 1813, Pride & Prejudice shows young girls that they can have a choice in who they marry and they are allowed to seek true love. Even though today it seems like common sense, it wasn’t back then.

I believe in love, and just like Lizzy, I believe in the combination of love and marriage. Not just marriage. Lizzy is told by all those around her that she will be happy when she is married. The first offer she gets is Mr. Collins, everybody knows, including Mr. Collins himself that she will not be happy married to him. Why? Because there is no love.

And when Lizzy finally marries Darcy, we know it is not based on the feeling of love.  She doesn’t rely on only her feelings, feelings are not constant, they are ever-changing. It is choice of love that matters, the choice to respect each other, and the choice to love each other every day.

Lizzy can teach us some lessons – marriage is about love, and love is a choice.

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