Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood is one of my favourite literary characters of all time. Just her brilliant name is enough to know that she must be special.

Upon our first encounter with Luna, we know that she gave off “an aura of distinct dottiness”, and that is how she may remain to the quick reader. But, to those who read carefully, her head is full of caring and wisdom alongside her fantastic and peculiar beliefs. Young women (including myself) can learn a lot from Luna Lovegood, and her wit, bravery, and loyalty surpasses the pages she is written upon.

So, here are ways that I channel some Luna loveliness into my life:

Care, understand, and accept others – Luna is the queen of taking people as they are. Maybe, as she is a little bit loopy herself, she more easily understands (and loves!) the quirks in others.

Value your friends – Luna’s love for her friends goes beyond the walls of Hogwarts, as we see her bedroom in The Deathly Hallows, her bedroom is painted with portraits of Hermione, Harry, Ron, Neville, and Ginny, with the repeated words in gold “friends…friends…friends”.

Be yourself – Luna does not care when people mutter “Looney” behind her back. She sticks firmly to her beliefs and doesn’t care about fitting in. It is this self loving attitude that her friends admire. Be as weird and wonderful as you truly are! Wear a butterbeer cork necklace, or radish earring, don a pair of Spectraspecs and read that magazine that everyone else thinks is rubbish.

Be loyal – it is Luna that joins Dumbledore’s army, Luna that fights in the hall of prophesies, and Luna that rebels against Snape’s new Hogwarts regime in the final book. Why? Because she is loyal, she answers the call. Luna believes in Harry, and she believes in Dumbledore. Luna is also loyal to her family, firmly on the side of her father when everyone is against the Quibbler.

I think we can all learn from Luna, she is a heroine that cannot be overlooked.

4 thoughts on “Luna Lovegood

  1. She’s one of my fav too. She’s unique, true to herself, and positive. She looks at life as the glass half full and makes the best out of it. I think Rowling did a good job in creating her.


  2. What a great way to outline such a wonderful character. I’m so glad you have found a way to make her a part of your life and learn and grow with her traits. She is a great example to follow.



  3. Luna Lovegood was an amazing character. She taught me many things, one of them being, “Be yourself. It’s overrated to be like everyone. You are unique.” And she is very brave and loyal. Thanks, Jo Rowling, for creating this wonderful character.

    ~ Missy


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