Why teaching?

1. I teach because I love youth. They are so fun, inspiring, entertaining, enthusiastic, witty, and hardworking. Youth have so much potential, and as a teacher, it is such a blessing to be a part of their education and upbringing. Yes, they can also be frustrating, stubborn, rude, and obnoxious, but, that is the challenge I am willing to take. It is a challenge to get through all the dirt youth shove in your face and find the gold underneath. But, it is the most rewarding thing when you do.

2. I teach because I love my subject. There is no point in being a teacher if you are not passionate about your subject. And I love English. Truly. All my spare time is spent devouring books. My passion for my subject comes through in my teaching. If I am passionate about the book we are reading in class, the students will notice (just as they will notice if I hate the book we are reading!). My passion for literature filters down into the classroom. Teaching is the ultimate job for a literature lover – inspiring others to love it too!

3. I teach because it is creative. Thinking of different ways to teach content material in a fun and engaging way draws on all of my creativity. Teaching is my creative outlet, meaning I can create richer learning experiences for my students. Technically a teacher can just ask a class to read a Shakespeare play, but designing creative lessons in order to deepen their understanding of the text and draw them further in, is a creative process. And it is this creative process that I love. Also, teaching is one of the only creative jobs that gives back to the community, and has results that you can see.

There is no cooler job than teaching.

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