Pam Grossman

Just last week the University invited Pam Grossman from Stanford to visit the university. AATEL organised a lecture with her and of course, I learnt so much. The topic was teaching complex texts, as well as enabling students to learn how to deal independently with increasingly complex texts. Here is a quick list of the tips and tricks that I picked up. Strategies for reading complex texts:

– draw on prior knowledge

– locate facts within the text

– reread and reread and reread

– pay close attention to punctuation, it might make all the difference

– figure out what is literal and what is figurative

– compare different parts of the text. Notice patterns and repetitions, and when these are broken

– identify what is important

– identify allusions and what they signify. Use these allusions to make meaning

– notice and fill in gaps

– detect ironic meaning

– assess reliability of the narrator

– and notice contradictions


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