Wes Anderson’s music choices

Firstly, I begun the lesson by explaining diegetic and non diegetic sound to the students. I also provided definitions for them to refer to in their notes.

Then, to hook them in, I showed the students this interview with Wes Anderson. What he says highlights the importance of music in his films as well as showing that he puts a lot of thought into his music choices.

The students were then split into groups and each group were assigned a clip from a Wes film that had a great soundtrack to it. They were to point out the diegetic sound, and non-diegetic sound. Read the lyrics and listen to the music – write about the effect the music has on the scene, how it links to what’s going on, and what we can see.

This is just one of the scenes that they watched…

They had to write on the effect of the diegetic and non-diegetic sound in term of:

-Music genre

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