Being Wes Anderson

Since we have been looking at Wes Anderson’s style for a week now, it is time for formative assessment. A chance for me to see where they are at and if they ‘got it’.

Their task is to create their own Wes Anderson style still in groups. They had two lessons to complete it. In the first lesson they planned, designed, and took the photo. Guidelines highlighted the importance of colour palette, symmetry, and meaningful mise en scene in their still.

Straight away the groups really got into it. Some groups knew what they wanted to do almost immediately, while others had to brainstorm for a while before they came up with an idea they were happy with.

Tomorrow they will be editing their stills in photoshop – they have to think about the ‘vintage look’ of his films, the colours, and the typography. They also have to find a song that relates to the still and is true to the style of Wes Anderson. The lesson on Wes’ music scaffolded them into this task.

Lastly, they are asked to write a justification to explain their ideas. I have asked them to explain their:

– Choice of costume and props

– Characters (or lack of)

– Colour choices

– Typography (if they have included any)

– Composition

– Song choice

Each of their choices have to be linked back to the style of Wes Anderson.

I’m really excited to see how they turn out! The work that I saw them doing in the first lesson was really promising and it is nice to see what they have learned from my teaching!

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