The Wes Anderson style still project was really effective and what they handed in was really awesome – the understood what we have been studying and channelled their knowledge into a product – it was great!  Next was the close reading assessment. I put aside three lessons for this – one to throughly explain the […]

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Being Wes Anderson

Since we have been looking at Wes Anderson’s style for a week now, it is time for formative assessment. A chance for me to see where they are at and if they ‘got it’. Their task is to create their own Wes Anderson style still in groups. They had two lessons to complete it. In […]

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Wes Anderson’s music choices

Firstly, I begun the lesson by explaining diegetic and non diegetic sound to the students. I also provided definitions for them to refer to in their notes. Then, to hook them in, I showed the students this interview with Wes Anderson. What he says highlights the importance of music in his films as well as showing […]

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Wes or not?

After two lessons looking at Wes Anderson’s visual style, I thought the students knew enough to be able to spot his style – so I begun the lesson with a quick quiz in which I had fifteen film stills. Some were from Anderson films, and others were not. They picked up on almost every one […]

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Wes Anderson

Although practicum has been busy, it has been good. There are days where I feel completely on top of things, and days that I learn from. I have found that my two best weapons are creativity and time management. The former comes naturally. The latter I have learnt. My media studies associate teacher has allowed […]

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