John Marsden has taken the tragedy of Hamlet and reworked it into an engaging and highly readable novel. I first read this novel when I was in high school and it has resonated with me since. Recently I picked it up again and found delight in reading it several years later, and from a teacher’s […]

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Getting caught in the World Wide Web

Graduating Teacher Standard 4d: demonstrate proficiency in oral and written language (Māori and/or English), in numeracy and in ICT relevant to their professional role. This post is adapted from my EDCURSEC 664 assignment, in which I had to reflect and review an article. Karen Melhuish’s article “2.0 be or not 2.0 be: how English teachers are […]

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Youth – Lyrics as Literature

The loss of innocence is a theme that presents itself often in poetry, so these lyrics by Daughter can be looked at alongside poets such as Blake or Wordsworth. Shadows settle on the place, that you left Our minds are troubled by the emptiness Destroy the middle, it’s a waste of time From the perfect […]

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