Following a year nine class

Graduating Teacher Standard 3a:

have an understanding of the complex influences that personal, social, and cultural factors may have on teachers and learners.

On Monday I begun my second practicum. This school is a lot different to my first practicum school, it is smaller, multicultural, relationship orientated, and down to earth. I love it.

Yesterday I followed a year nine class for the day, something I have never done before. It is fascinating to see how students acted around different teachers and in the various classes. As a teacher, it is easy to forget that students are playing up because they just came from their least favourite class, or they received a bad mark five minutes before walking in my door, or they might not get along with the teacher they just had.  But where they have just been is something I need to always have on my mind when students walk into my classroom.

I need to extend my awareness of what is going on with the students beyond my own classroom, I need to understand firstly that they just came from another class, and something may have happened to influence their attitude, motivation, behavior, and engagement there. I saw this through following this class. But, more important than this, I need to recognise that all students come from somewhere. Each individual student has a complex map of personal, social, and cultural factors that influence who they are. All of these factors also influence how the student is in my own classroom. I need to be aware of this, I need to be conscious, and I need to respond to this.

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