Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, the story of all Cinderella stories. All women and girls can identify with Jane’s journey to womanhood. Jane is tortured, oppressed, and rejected, but fromm this she grows into an independent, brave, and intelligent young woman.

These days, it is so easy to blame your past for something. Anger stems from an abused childhood, depression from being neglected as a child, an unwillingness to open up from a broken heart. All these things are worthy and important, but Jane shows us that our pasts do not dictate our present and predict our future. Jane could have wallowed in her misfortune (as misfortune does seem to follow her), and rightly so, but she chose not to, it was her choice.  Jane is an inspiring heroine because she chose to learn from and let go of her past, instead of using it as an excuse. Modern day women need to learn to do this, and to take agency over our past, because they can shape us for better, or for worse.

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