EDPRAC 608 asks that I reflect upon my first practicum and use this reflection to create goals for my second practicum. Goals can seem tedious and a waste of time, but if they are thought out and specific they are effective. Now I feel as if I have more purpose than merely “get through practicum”, because it is so much more than that. So, after a time of reflection I created these three goals:

1. Teaching as inquiry/reflect on my own teaching practice.

Steps to achieve this:

a) Provide more opportunities for formative feedback to assess students’ understanding. This could include collecting in homework to mark it instead of just checking it, or designing ‘exit cards’ for each lesson.

b) Use this feedback to alter my own teaching practise to meet the needs of the students and to ensure the best learning.

2. End my lessons more effectively.

I found on my first practicum I would set them on a task that would take them until the end of the lesson and I did not provide time for recapping or summarising what we did during that lesson. If I make time for this, there will also be space for students to ask questions about what we learnt.

Steps to achieve this:

Assign 5-10 minutes at the end of each lesson to plan an activity that effectively wraps up the lesson and summarises what we have learnt that day.

3. Improve my time management

When I first started teaching I found it difficult to judge how long a class would take to complete a task or activity. And many outside factors made a difference – the time of day, the day of the week, the class they had beforehand.

Steps to achieve this:

a) The joy of being a pre-service teacher is that I have opportunity to observe other teachers – with each class, during observation, I will assess what day of the week and what time of day for a class and note what works well and does not work as well

b) Pinpoint reasons as to why this is (P.E. before, morning/afternoon class, Friday, etc)

c) Use these observations and reasons to plan lessons that will provide the best learning for that time. I could do this by setting a ‘do now’ activity after lunchtime to settle them.

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