Author: Colin Meloy
Published by: Penguin 2001
Year Level: Year 9

Wildwood is a lighthearted novel that is easy to read with an easy to follow plot, however, it deals with themes such as loyality and trust. It is themes like these that are becoming scare in today’s society. Maybe a revival of these themes and an encouragement of teens to embody them is needed. This novel is good for encouraging these morals as it is entertaining, yet suggests that each adolescent need to choose between good and bad every day of their lives.
Wildwood is an adventure story, it is gripping and exciting, making it suitable for readers that are not very confident.
It follows the protagonist Prue as she attempts to save her little brother, but to do this she needs to venture into WIldwood – a place where some go in, but no one comes out. Prue is a normal adolescent, just as her friend Curtis is – because of this, students may relate to the chivalrous adventure narrative better because of the main characters.
I would use WIldwood as a teaching resource or suggest it as wider reading to students because it encourages good traits in adolescents, the novel makes one feel like they want to be loyal, they want to take risks and they want to choose the right thing.

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