The Great Gatsby

Author: F. Scott. Fitzgerald

Published by: Scribner’s, April 1925

Year Level: 12 – 13

The Great Gatsby is a novel that I would teach in the English classroom because it deals with the theme of materialism. Materialism is a topic that we need to discuss with adolescents in the classroom today. Especially in year twelve and thirteen with a large focus on the school ball a study of the problems and consequences of materialism in The Great Gatsby would cause students to critically think about their own lives, what they consume, what they value, and if this is something that is good.

The novel follows the neighbour of the rich and successful Jay Gatsby. Gatsby seems like he has it all – the parties, the money, the cars, the rich friends, but he doesn’t have what he longs for – love.

He tries to buy love. And it doesn’t work.

This novel causes students to think about what they can buy – material possessions, and what they can’t – love, friendship, and trust.

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