Will you accept or decline Romeo’s friend request?

Graduating Teacher Standard 4a:

draw upon content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge when planning, teaching and evaluating.

During practicum 1A I used this task during a Romeo and Juliet Unit, it could however, be used with any text study. The point of it is to move students from surface to deep learning (John Hattie) as well as being motivating and engaging for students. Social networking in the classroom – what more could they want?!

For the Facebook template I just created a simple template with sections such as: friends, about me, interests, relationship status, family, favourite movies, favourite books, etc.

This takes one lesson, but can be followed up with a reflection lesson.


Facebook: fill in the template with basic information, likes and dislikes, and a short bio. Draw a profile picture too!

Twitter: In character, write at least 10 tweets (short updates) that relate to events in the play.

Tumblr: In character, write two blog posts from two events in the play. Remember to add tags!

–       Be creative with it!

–       You don’t have to use Shakespearean language – for twitter you can use twitter language

–       Think about what their likes would be today

–       What would their relationship status be? Married, it’s complicated, single..?

–       For the blog think about the feelings and emotions they might be experiencing.

–       Make sure the tweets are in chronological order


1. Name one thing you had to imagine about your character that you think is really interesting – why?

2. Was it easy to imagine beyond the play—for instance, what Mercutio’s activities and interests might be? Or do you feel the play did not provide enough information? How so?

3. How easy was it to decide who your character’s friends are? Would your character ignore a friend request from other characters in the play? Why or why not?

The students loved it and had a lot of fun, but it was not a quiet lesson! I challenged them to choose a character that was a bit harder (like Friar Lawrence), some took up this challenge and their understanding of characterization and the play deepened.

What I did in class was actually a variation of my EDPROF 612A assignment 3 linking to GTS: 1b, 2a, 2c, 4a, 4c, 6d.

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