This is not Gay

Graduating Teacher Standard 4f:

demonstrate commitment to and strategies for promoting and nurturing the physical and emotional safety of learners. 

To design and produce a public service announcement (PSA) was our first assignment for Teaching Media Studies (EDCURSEC 663).

If there is one thing that I hate, it’s bullying. Bullying is a cruel and awful form of torture, bullies often target things about victims that they cannot change – such as their skin colour, how much money their parents have, or their sexuality.

Going off these musings, I decided my PSA would address the use and misuse of the word ‘gay’. So often I hear people, young and old alike, call a movie or a song or a event ‘gay’, when they really mean boring, or unexciting, or dull, or monotonous.  There are so many words one can use, but they choose to use the word ‘gay’, when it actually does not make sense.

Using the word ‘gay’ incorrectly and out of context is a form of bullying, one that makes adolescents who are homosexual or confused about their sexuality feel hurt and victimized.

‘Gay’ is not a swear word and it is not an insult. We need to stop using the word ‘gay’ in a negative and harmful way. So this is why I created these posters to be displayed in and around schools (click for full size)…




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