Be the filmmaker

I wish all year levels were as enthusiastic as year sevens. Year sevens are bright eyed and so keen to do anything. It seems that every year they get less and less excited about school. Although, in secondary schools that start from year nine, the year nines share some traits with year sevens as they are in their first (daunting) year of high school. 

A question that I will never stop trying to answer is: How do we keep all year levels enthusiastic about school?

Anyway, this is a task that I designed for year sevens, but would work at year nine too. It is introducing film and camera techniques in a fun and interactive way. When I was at school we had to draw a close up, long shot, mid shot etc. I wasn’t very good at drawing and mine always ended up with various sizes of stick figures, which did not help me get my head around the concept. But now, with the joy of technology, we can get students to be the ones behind the cameras – they can see through the eyes of a filmmaker!

For this task students will need something to take a photo with – a camera, and cameraphone, a laptop – one between two is fine.

Once students know the terms and definitions of film/camera techniques (establishing shot, long shot, mid shot, close up, extreme close up, high angle, low angle etc.), they are to get into pairs and take a photo of an example of each technique. Then they need to print the photos off or attach them to a document and label them with the correct term, definition, and effect.

This enables students to see what the camera needs to do to get the shot AND they find it a lot more fun than drawing.

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