Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, the story of all Cinderella stories. All women and girls can identify with Jane’s journey to womanhood. Jane is tortured, oppressed, and rejected, but fromm this she grows into an independent, brave, and intelligent young woman. These days, it is so easy to blame your past for something. Anger stems from an abused […]

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Boy: Tales of Childhood

Author: Roald Dahl Published: Penguin 1984 Year Level: Year 9 Roald Dahl is a writer who almost every youth is familiar with, this autobiography gives insight into his highly adventurous and entertaining childhood. Dahl begins with what he first remembers as a child and the narrative follows him until he finishes secondary school. Each story […]

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Lonely Hearts

In Much Ado About Nothing Bendick descibes his ideal woman – this task is a fun way to make Shakespeare’s play relevant to students. Show students examples of Lonely Hearts ads that are found in newspapers such as this: Instructions: Read Benedick’s speech about love and women from the first part of Act 2 Scene 3 – […]

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Wings – Lyrics as Literature

Literature is all around us, although students may complain and say that they don’t like poetry – they are lying. They love poetry. Everyday they plug poetry into their ears, blocking out the rest of the world. Poetry in the form of Rock, Rap, Pop, Hardcore, Folk, Hip Hop, and Electronic. This is why, as I teacher, […]

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Northern Lights

Author: Philip Pullman Published: Scholastic Ltd, 1995 Year level: year 10 Northern Lights is a fantasy novel set in a world that is similar to ours, yet there is a darkness that threatens the world. The protagonist Lyra begins her journey for truth when her friend Roger disappears. The novel is a fantasy adventure novel, which […]

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